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 প্রাথমিক ও গণশিক্ষা মন্ত্রনালয় কতৃক নিয়ন্ত্রিত এবং প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা অধিদপ্তর কতৃক বাস্তবায়িত চলমান প্রকল্পসমূহ


Project Period

Project Name

Project Objectives


Jul 2011


Jun 2016

Primary Education Development Programme-3

a)      To enroll all primary school –age children in the primary level educational institutions and complete primary cycle

b)      To reduce social disparities in terms of access to education, improved student learning and improve cycle completion

c)      To acquire grades-wise and subject-wise expected learning outcomes or competencies in the classrooms

d)     To improve the quality of teaching learning environment in the primary schools

e)      To ensure child friendly learning to all children for pre-primary through grade 5

f)       To improve the measurement of student learning

g)      To provide learning materials to all children of primary schools

h)      To impart proper training to teachers and staff(all levels including officials)

i)        To make provision for need-based infrastructure development

j)        To increase effectiveness of budget allocation for primary education

k)      To decentralize more planning functions to the Upazila and school levels

l)        To involve parents and community to give support to their children’s education.


Jul 2006


Jun 2014

Government Primary School Reconstruction and Renovation Project (2nd Phase)

a)      To Reconstruct The Dilapidated Government Primary Schools to create good education environment.

b)      To construct Sanitary Latrines and sinking of tube-wells in the reconstructed schools.

c)      Supply of furniture to Reconstructed Schools.


Jul 2008


Jun 2013

Primary Education Stipend Project (2ndPhase)



Jan 2009


Dec 2014

EC Assisted School Feeding Program

a)      Achieve universal primary education and reduce gender disparity

b)      Enhance learning capability and more attentiveness towards studies of student in primary education Institutions in selected areas by supplying foods

c)      Increase enrolment, attendance and completion rates at the primary level of education

d)     Increase the nutritional status of 3,27,980 primary school students


Jul 2010


Jun 2015

Expansion of Cub-scouting in Primary Schools(3rd Phase)



Jul 2010


Jun 2014

Establishment of 1500 Primary School in Un-Schooled Areas

a)      To construct of 1500 (Type A: 1300, Type D: 200) nos primary school in un-schooled area.

b)      To construct of sanitary latrines(One for Boys and One for Girls)

c)      To sinking of arsenic free tube-wells in the constructed schools and

d)     Supply of furniture to constructed schools.


Jul 2010


Dec 2014

School Feeding Program in Poverty Prone Area

a)      To contribute in achieving universal primary education and Millennium Development goal-2

b)      To increase enrolment and attendance of the primary school children in the food insecure areas

c)      To improve learning ability of the primary school children through reduction of micro-nutrient deficiencies

d)     To enhance GoB capacity to implement the school feeding Programme efficiently and effectively.


Jan 2011


Dec 2014

Establishment of PTI in 12 Selected District Head Quarter Having no PTI’s

a)      To improve the quality of Primary education through establishing 12 Primary Teacher’s Training Institute(PTI)

b)      To impact C-in-Education training to additional 1,584 teachers every year.


Jan 2012


Dec 2014

Primary Education Development project(IDB)

a)      To Provide a better physical facilities for primary schools.

b)      To Provide sanitation facilities and safe drinking water to the students and teachers of Primary schools.

c)      To ensure good education environment to the students and teachers for Pimary Schools.

d)     To ensure access of Primary ducation.

e)      To Provide teaching aid to students and teachers of Primary School.


Jul 2011


Dec 2017

English in Action



Jan 2013



Reaching Out of School Children (ROSC)Project (2nd Phase)

a)      Supporting students and learning centers with education allowance and grants to ensure access participation and completion of Primary Education.

b)      Support ROSC Graduates for participation in basic life skills education and trade training for livelihood.

c)      Build Private-Public partnership for enhanced management for effective LCs to deliver quality primary education.

d)     Enhance women empowerment to participate in the division-making process as regards LCs establishment and Management.

e)      Establish and strength the capacity of structures and mechanism for local level planning, management and monitoring of primary education delivered by the ROSC with the participation of wider community.

f)       Introduce intensive teacher training for professional  development of teachers for improved teaching and learning.

g)      Strengthen academic supervision and support systems.


July 2002



Post Literacy and Continuing Education Project for Human Development-2



Jul 2004


Jun 2014

Basic Education to Hard to Reach Urban Working Children (2nd Phase)



Jul 2012  


Jun 2014

Capacity Development for Education for All



Jul 2012


Dec 2013

Equivalence  for Non-formal Vocational Education Curriculum Development